Glean Agriculture

App, Web, UX, Identity Design

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Your office in the field, Glean Agriculture is a comprehensive operations tool for modern farmers.


Web, UX, Responsive Design

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DreamPlanGo helps you cross a few items off your bucket list with the best in deals, inspiration, and trip planning tools.

Microsoft ExpertZone

Web, Mobile Design

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A global website translated for more than 30 countries, Expertzone is Microsoft’s learning management system for retail service employees. It’s exclusive training, video content,

contests, deep discounts on rewards, and VIP access creates an experience that translates into loyal users. ExpertZone also reaches across the web onto Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and mobile.

HB Fuller – Liquamelt

Web Design

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Statistics don’t lie. If you’re in the market for an industrial adhesive system, Liquamelt saves you time and energy over the competition.

Best Buy In-Store

Interactive Design

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Need to know the specs of the laptop you’re looking at? The animations that played on in-store laptops supported the Best Buy brand, while the users got an in-depth overview of the machine they were using.


Three Rivers Parks District

Web Design

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A parks system that covers the majority of the Twin Cities Metro Area,  Three Rivers Park District has hundreds of things to do and places to go. The website aims to help users find their favorite

classes, activities and parks quickly and easily. Interactive maps of the parks system outline activities that are available in the parks, as well as how to get there.


Best Buy – Digital Blue Shirt

Interactive Design

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Digital Blue Shirt is an in-store touch screen experience to help you easily find your next computer.


Bing Pulse

Web, Mobile Design

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A program that lets bing users create affinity groups around their favorite people, places or things — and get rewarded for doing so.


Gear Frenzy

Web Design

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Gear Frenzy gives you the low down on only the best hunting gear, straight from the Pros.


Web Design

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A community within a community, minneADpolis touts the benefits of living and working in the Twin Cities. Create your own avatar, walk through historic and infamous landmarks,

and chat with fellow travelers. Along the way, view work and stories that show why the Twin Cities are one of the premier creative destinations in the country.